Family Therapy

I take a multi-dimensional approach to helping families overcome tension and stress. I look at how couples communicate, how routines are set up for success or failure, and how children’s time is managed. I will often do sessions in the home to better understand how communication breaks down, or how routines fall apart. I evaluate power struggles and demonstrate effective ways to better manage stress and disagreements.

Child Behavior

I am a hands-on therapist when it comes to helping parents manage behavioral issues in the home or school. My approach is very behavioral and very positive. I believe in setting clear contingencies within the home, school, or community routines where the child is struggling. My goal is to build supports to help the parents become more confident and comfortable in managing behavioral issues; and to build skills for the child to better cope with the social and environmental struggles they are facing. I specialize in social skill development, and believe that it is never too early to build on social skills. I also draw from my speech background to assess the need for stronger communication skills, realizing that many behavioral issues can stem from poor communication skills.

Parent Education and Training

I have developed numerous structured trainings for parents. When parents come to me for support I evaluate what they need, and individualize my training to those needs. Generally, this is a short-term process designed to get past a difficult time, but when there are specific challenges related to child development or major behavioral concerns it can become more involved. I will also do parent education in parallel to working directly with the child.