Your Mind is Just Trying to Help

Where does anxiety come from? Why can it so easily take over? Whether it is social anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or a fear of flying, anxiety has its roots in the same evolutionary function. Our mind is built to keep us alive as long as possible. In our earlier stages, it told us to be aware of predators; to keep low, keep quiet, keep out of sight. Now that function is less critical, but still very much intact.

How does this inform the treatment of severe anxiety? When you are avoiding people, struggling to sleep, or constantly worrying, how does knowing that your mind is trying to help you provide any relief? In fact, knowing why your mind is behaving this way leads us directly to a treatment that can reduce your anxiety and lead to a happier life. This highly researched approach demonstrates that if you accept why your mind seems to constantly being talking to you about worry and fear it results in a major first step to reducing your anxiety. The goal is then to engage with your mind less about its agenda, and more about your agenda. This means having a plan on how you want to live your life, and readily engaging that plan as you defuse from your minds constant need to protect you. For those who are interested in mindfulness, many have found that this takes it to the next level… behavior change.